Snug As Baby Pod - Blue
Snug As Baby Pod - Blue
Snug As Baby Pod - Blue
Snug As Baby Pod - Blue

Snug As Baby Pod - Blue

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In a beautiful aged Blue these pods sure do pull on your heart strings. 

Snug As Baby Pods are great for nap time, play time, tummy time and even nappy change. Made from 100% Cotton with a Polyester filling it offers baby a safe, snug, soothing environment. 

With drawstrings which allow you to adjust the height of the sides it enables you as a parent to be comfortable with the pod itself. 

Please note: The Snug As Baby Pods are not made to prevent baby rolling over.

Our Snug As Baby Pods are to be used during the day while you are awake and in sight of your baby. We do not recommend using them as a night time sleep device. To prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) place baby on their back and in the middle of the pod with feet at the clip end. 

Each pod comes with its own PVC bag for easy storage. 

Measurements L: 80cm W:50cm H:15cm

Full testing information can be found on our safety page.